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Coffee Making Equipment at wholesale Price

If you are the only user of the device, purchasing a high capacity device would be unreasonable. On the other hand, various features of these devices can be effective in choosing a device. The choice of coffee making equipment can also be problematic. Mullins is a reputable brand in the coffee industry and has proven to be trusted. The filter type is a permanent plastic one that needs to be washed and the coffee you buy should be milled to fit the filter size. In general, manual and semi-automatic models are suitable for cafes and professionals, and automatic models can also be used at home by ordinary people.


The Best Coffee Grinders You Can Buy in 2019


Here are 4 models of the  best burr coffee grinder 2019 : As the name suggests, the pressure required to produce espresso in these types of devices is due to a hand lever.

Electric pump espresso machine:

In this type of appliance, you set the desired temperature and provide an electric espresso pump.

Semi-automatic espresso machine:

in this model, the coffee is ground and filtered before pouring. Then you press the button and you get an espresso.

Espresso machine with automatic pump:

In this model, you must put it in the filter after grinding the coffee beans. The machine turns on automatically and turns off after the espresso.The best product for industrial espresso coffee is chosen based on production conditions, machine characteristics and more, sometimes the competition is very close to the taste of the machine.

The best budget coffee grinder machine in addition to meeting the standards required for excellent espresso production, it also has certain features that make it easy to use. The more complete and practical the design of the device, the higher the selling price.

Hot water is essential in the preparation of milk vapor. But making a few cups of coffee, the water tank will soon be empty. In a crowded cafe, the multi-brew coffee maker can be squeezed and the barista can waste a lot of time waiting for boiling water before serving. But if the appliance has a larger kettle or several kettles, this problem will not arise on busy days and is the best option for these coffees.

Various coffee makers are produced worldwide to supply all types of coffee beverages, and not all coffee machines are industrial. The types of coffee makers are:

Leave a coffee brochure or brew coffee

Caterer or coffee that boils Arabic coffee

French press coffee maker

Coffee maker complex

Capsule coffee maker

Domestic espresso maker

Industrial espresso maker

Smart Home coffee maker

Manufacturer of industrial intelligent espresso

The espresso machine, often called “espresso”, is an espresso machine that connects the wallet. During the extraction process for the preparation of espresso, the hot water passes through the pressure group. One of the shower sets has nozzles that distribute hot water under high pressure (predefined and constant volume and density) evenly over the surface of the espresso powder in the port filter. Types of coffee makers by group:

Manufacturer of the Espresso industrial group

Two sets of two industrial coffee machines

Three-set coffee maker

Industrial fermentation; group and more

Tips for choosing the best coffee maker:

Display water temperature

The ability to plan the device

How to clean the machine

Number of groups

The number of steam nozzles

Equipped with a mill

Speed ​​and type of grinder

Height adjustable for different cups

Machine size (suitable for coffee space)

Steam pressure when making espresso

Number of boilers

Volume of boiler cabinets

Hard on the device

Beauty and design

Body color

Equipped with a tray tray

Best coffee grinders for making various types of coffee

Mocha bowl:

Mucca bowl or Mukai jug is one of the old coffee machines. It was invented in the fourth year, and the device has its own fans in Europe and Latin America. The coffee that Muccato prepared is very concentrated and has little cream or brown foam on the surface.

Of course, the amount of this foam is not the same size as the espresso coffee machine, and we should not imagine that it could seep into decent mocha and espresso cream. However, it is very similar to an espresso machine because it uses steam pressure to extract the taste, aroma and oil from the coffee beans.

The mechanism of this machine is to pour water into the bottom tank, pour coffee powder into the coffee basket and tighten the basket to the water tank, then put the teapot on the coffee basket, then put the device on our stove or electric stove.

When the water inside the tank boils, the air inside the tank expands, and since the tank is insulated with air, the water will inevitably be driven through the filter tube from the bottom funnel inside the water storage tank, then mixed with coffee powder and finally directed to the teapot through the same pressure from Over a tube shaped filter below.

French press:

The French press is one of the oldest and most popular coffee machines. In the 1840s, French presses were still absent, but the idea of ​​a coffee machine came up with some ideas. The device first patented in 1929 with Italian design.

By brewing coffee with French Press, most of the flavor is extracted from the coffee beans, which results in a thick and delicious cup of sweet-smelling coffee. The French piston consists of a cylindrical container made of glass, plastic, or metal, a plastic or metal cap and oblique strings of nylon or metal wire that separate the coffee beans from the water.

It has a stylish and easily portable design. Since the machine does not have a paper filter, the natural oils from the coffee beans do not disappear. It also does not have a single internal heat source.

Espresso machine:

Espresso is a highly concentrated, pressed coffee drink compressed into small cups or a half cup. The first espresso machine was invented in the sixth year by Angelo Morivando in Turin, Italy.

Then, in the year 6, a man named Luigi Bozra in Milan, Italy, patented a more advanced version of the device that made coffee faster. A few years later, in the third year, La Pawoni purchased the device and started mass production in Milan. commercial espresso grinder works with steam, piston or pump and it can be semi automatic, automatic or fully automatic.

However, the mechanism for all of them is similar. Espresso is a versatile drink made from ground roasted coffee beans with water and the task of an espresso machine is to make foam over coffee. It has a rich aroma and sweet bitter taste that balances a little acidity, as well as a good, lasting taste that lasts long after soaking the coffee. The main mechanism of the espresso machine is that the components of the hot water machine are pushed through good coffee beans to make compact and thick espresso coffee.

Find suppliers of coffee grinder in Iran


Cite from all over the world the supplier or exporter who offers us the best offer of Arabian coffee beans. The quantity required by us depends on price and quality.Sam Café and coffee roasters in Iran where you can buy a selection of specialty coffee beans as well as all types of coffee makers and coffee accessories. This includes cups, mugs, boilers, scales, coffee filters, etc. If you are a fan of professional coffee game, you will be happy to know that the specialized set of coffee beans sold at Sam comes with tasting notes (and brewing equipment comes with instruction cards. ). Sam has three branches in Tehran.

Roberto may not be a chain like the last three cafes, but he creates his own toaster and sells beans. When shopping for coffee beans at Roberto, be sure to check the date on the package before buying just to make sure you get freshly roasted coffee.Elsa is also a fairly new game and she recently opened a cafe in western Tehran; However, they also have their own roaster and sell the best commercial coffee grinder beans for home use.


Cafes are not the only companies offering roasted coffee in Tehran. Many toasters have set up businesses in the capital.Set Coffee Roasters is one of the oldest in its field. With two stores in central Tehran, it sells a different blend of commercial and private coffee as well as a limited selection of brewing equipment. You can also order a dose of espresso to drink at the Set Store on Al-Fajr Street. In addition, most of the products sold in Set can also be purchased online through their website.


The number of cafes in Tehran is nothing short of overwhelming, and with the development of the coffee industry in Tehran, it was only a matter of time before some of the big names in this business wanted to make take things to the next level by even installing their own roasters.

Raies is one of Iran’s oldest and best-known coffee chains, and has recently established its own toaster. You can buy their coffee beans at most branches and if you don’t have your own grinder at home, you could have your coffee in the store. Find the nearest Raees.

Commercial heavy duty coffee grinders with cheap price

It’s no secret that there are many great coffee grinders these days, but how many of them can be effective in a commercial environment, such as a cafe.In our opinion, it is a commercial mill, or as it is sometimes called, a professional coffee mill that can handle the grinding tasks in a cafe in its busiest days.Chris Smith, who ended up at the Celtic Cup Coffee House in Tullahoma, Tennessee, had a great way of saying it:

The commercial coffee grinder is one that uses sizzling grinder heads that shave coffee beans consistently rather than cutting them into pieces of different sizes (most domestic units).The consistency of the volume of ground coffee gives a firm extract. The commercial grinder must be very reliable and consistent (from one mill to another), and it can handle the increasing demands of daily grinding in coffee.

This means grinding large quantities of coffee, in pounds, to calm the hungry masses. If you are on the front line, you know that. It is a job that not all factories are designed to handle.Now if you are shopping for one of these powerful and hardworking units, you have to be a little special. Why? The obvious reason – it’s not cheap!For this reason, we have created a buying guide for a coffee grinder that will help you make a decision.

Important facts about buying coffee grinder


New shiny coffee maker or new shiny coffee grinder

Although it sounds surprising, owning a coffee grinder will be more beneficial than upgrading your coffee maker. Yes, I realized that it was the coffee maker that made the coffee but he could hear me.A large mill will transform your coffee experience from inside to outside. Your coffee will be more delicious and delicious. You will be able to determine the flavor and strength of the coffee. You can make coffee that matches your favorite coffee.

Whether you are a newcomer to delicious coffee or have been drinking black since childhood, the truth is the same: a solid coffee grinder is the key to equipment for successful coffee.Let me show you why.Freshly ground coffee is the best coffee Are you going to buy old coffee? Not on purpose, but you can do it and you can’t. If you’ve already bought a bag of coffee before the ground (and whoever didn’t), you’ve bought old coffee.

Stale coffee has no flavor. It’s more bitter than it should be. It is gentle on your tongue. Ground coffee is pre-hung.Do you think of all kinds of coffees like tastes, chocolate and nuts? You are in for a delicious surprise.Fresh ground coffee (good and roasted) can have wild and exotic flavors. Blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar and apples – this surface only affects what you can taste when you brew coffee before brewing it.

Best manual coffee grinder:

Bread, apples, cakes and coffee suffer the same fate when they interact with oxygen: the slow degradation of organic molecules that destroy delicious flavors and fresh textures. This process is called oxidation.With coffee, oxidation also leads to the evaporation of essential oils. These oils are responsible for some of the most vibrant experiences in coffee, including sweet fruits and floral flavors.Healthy organic molecules and essential oils make coffee delicious and vibrant. Unfortunately, no one stands before a chance before the start.

Here’s something to remember: oxygen breaks down small portions of food faster than large foods. Large particles are thick and have less surface area, so oxygen takes longer to do dirty work. This applies to coffee completely.The handground coffee grinder ages well before whole coffee beans.We say that coffee is only fresh thirty minutes after preparation. On the other hand, whole coffee beans can remain at their peak for two weeks or more after roasting.You don’t want to waste your precious time with stale coffee. You want the best.Only a burr coffee grinder can give you all the flavor and fresh coffee you want. Once you have one, you will no longer be able to return to the pre-Earth.

What is the best coffee grinder for cafe?


Virtuoso “plus” is an updated version of Virtuoso which is one of the best sales. The best barista wheels for home in the past two decades.This small and powerful small wheel has 40 display settings, a digital screen and an advanced tapered luster. Your coffee is grinded with great precision, which means it will taste well.This wheel is the industry favorite for good reason.

Best coffee grinders for industrial uses

5 best industrial coffee grinder options:

Looking for best coffee grinder consumer reports that can meet the high needs of your business? This guide contains all information to help you make your choice.The industrial coffee grinder is designed to handle large amounts of coffee simultaneously. Due to its functions, features and special applications, it will leave even the fastest retail coffee grinder (specially designed to grind retail coffee bags for your customers) in the dust.

In fact, industrial mills are designed to roast coffee and companies that need to grind a lot of coffee to package and sell it, whether in its own stores or sellers.Industrial coffee grinders need features that support the following:





One of the main characteristics companies are looking for in an industrial coffee grinder is the speed with which a group of coffee beans can be transformed into ground coffee, ready to sell.

On average, the quick commercial coffee grinders you have installed on your store grinds between one and three pounds of coffee per minute.The speed of industrial shredders depends on its size. But in general, they can go from five pounds per minute on the small side to ten pounds or more at the bigger end.

It is generally useful to move from thinking in terms of pounds per minute to pounds per hour when talking about industrial machines.Thus, industrial paper shredders usually grind from 300 to 600 pounds per hour, although some exceed 600.


When we say quantity, we do not mean the amount of ground coffee produced per minute or hour.Rather we talk about the amount of coffee that was processed at the factory at one time.Hopper is a feature to check. How many pills can it contain?A small mill can have a hopper that can hold about 20 pounds of grain while a large mill can contain three times that amount.

The goal is to adapt the cutting capacity to your company’s production. If you make large quantities on a particular day, the mill with a small hopper will be defective because you will have to re-store it over and over again.If you are looking at a grinder attached to an attached barrel or a container of some kind that can be ground, consider how much ground coffee you can hold.Speed ​​and consistency together make up a magical blend.Usually if you shop for large toasting, you will find that the larger capacities go along with the increase in speed.


No company wants to forget about quality.The coffee industry is still moving towards the prosumer field. Consumers who want a higher level experience will be researched.Maintaining consistent quality is what good industrial slicing machines are designed to do. Coffee particles must be relatively uniform and each group should be as good as the last.

If you’re not sure what kind of quality and consistency the industrial coffee grinder has to offer, then this may be where branding research comes in.Some brands like Ditting and Mahlkonig are the best in the field. They set standards for others to pursue and carry an excellent reputation.

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